20 random things about me (the one that doesn’t require a password)

1: I was a c-section baby
2: Born and bred in Durban
3: When my mom gave birth to me, they asked “what do you have at home?” My mom replied: “a little boy”, to which they replied-“congratulations, you have another little boy!” No I am not and have never been a boy.
4: My hair is not naturally dark-it is blonde/very light brown.
5: Our nanny, Julia, played a huge role in my life from birth. I saw her as a second mother. She was murdered shortly after I had my son.
6: I was 8 months pregnant when I got married. There is not a single picture from that day because I felt like a blimp.
7: I have 9 tattoos.
8: Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t get engaged because I fell pregnant. Jon and I were engaged 2 months prior.
9: I was never the popular girl in school. In fact, I was considered “weird”.
10: I was a complete tomboy growing up, and boys only started noticing me when I was thirteen.
11: My first kiss was disgusting
12: I’m clumsy as shit, but have never broken a bone.
13: I’ve had about 30 stitches in my life-the first 2 when I tried to open a Popsicle container with a fruit knife and stabbed my hand. (I was 18).The second three were on the other hand when I fell off a bed onto a wine glass. (At 19 almost EXACTLY a year later!) and the rest after my c-section.
14: My parents got divorced when I was 15. I felt relief rather than sadness.
15: I’ve been in three consecutive long term relationships since 16
16: I’m pedantic about my teeth.
17: I try my hardest not to be bitchy or gossip, because I’m shit scared of karma.
18: I have huge trust issues.
19: I see cats as my equals-my brothers, sisters and friends. I thank my mom for that.
20: As much as I wish I was-I am terrible when it comes to fashion. Add to that I’ve never had a manicure, pedicure or any kind of beauty treatment.